Paladin Song

I'm a dwarven pally,
Short and stout,
Here is my hammer,
Here is my mount,
When I see a Horde,
I scream and shout,
'Bubble shield and hearthstone out!'


Phoenix LOL

Here is a flickr set of Phoenix Wright in a LOLCats theme.


Simply rsync command

If you want to simply copy the contents of one directory to another using rsync (so you can resume if copying to an SMB mounted filesystem on a wireless link, for example):

rsync -av --size-only /Volumes/Source Directory/ /Volumes/data/Destination Directory

-av tells rsync to archive and be verbose, --size-only tells it only to compare file sizes (as it is a local link, it's faster to just copy the file than to read it up and determine differences). The trailing slash should be on the source directory, but not on the destination directory.

Iron Soccer Ball

The rest of the world is just as messed up as we are, if not worse.

Proof is presented. QED

Cowbell Hero

Cowbell Hero!


Design Problems?

Awesome spam follows.

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Entrance Essays for Graduate School

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Read post 21066. It's epic.

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