Running the DOS TIE Fighter on a Mac

I was digging through my old files (some are almost 20 years old!) and I found my original copy of TIE Fighter for DOS.

A quick download of the latest DOSBox (in this case, 0.72) and I was on my way. I opened DOSBox directly from the disk image, and didn't bother copying it over, yet.

I mounted the directory where TIE Fighter was (in this case, on my network server):

mount C "/Volumes/programs/PC/Tie Fighter/dostie/"

Those were the only commands I needed to run, and it was up and working. ALT+Enter made it full screen, and CTRL+F10 releases the mouse.

The only problem I ran into was that while I had my copy of the game, I no longer had the manual, and couldn't get past the copy protection. A quick Google search for "The Patcher v6.5" solved those problems - it ran directly in DOSBox with the greatest of ease.

Next step will be to find a joystick and see how well I still play. I also fired up Sim City 2000 and DOOM, all from a copy of a disk that hasn't been accessed in eight years or so.

Note, I have an Intel Mac, and I'm not certain DOSBox would run the same on a PPC Mac.


Unknown said...

i'm new to the DOSBox field, but a veteran of the tie fighter game. one of my favorites. i attempted following your instructions with a tie95.iso that i have on my hard drive, on a macbook pro running 10.6. DOSBox seems to run fine, but i can't seem to mount tie fighter correctly. what path would i need to supply DOSBox in order for it to recognize the .iso file?

bombcar said...

I'd mount the ISO, and then copy the contents to a folder, and mount that folder in DOSBox, such as:

mount C "~/dostie/"

If you put it in a folder called dostie in your home directory.

Unknown said...

ok. some success. i put the TIE95 drive in a folder called dostie, and successfully mounted it in DOSBox. i'm a little confused by the setmuse bit though, i tried that to no receive a "illegal command: setmuse"

bombcar said...

setmuse is a command in the TIE directory (or should be). But I'm not sure TIE95 was a DOS program. Was it made for windows?

Unknown said...

hmm. i remember having to run it in DOS mode when i originally played it, but that was a while back as you know. i assumed it would work either way.

Unknown said...

i'm going to try a few more things. thanks for the help bombcar, even though on a 4 year old post. lol

bombcar said...

For informational purposes, the size of my "tie" directory is 15MB, and contains files such as read.me, setmuse.exe, vga.pac, fix.bat, and bootdisk.exe

If it is a Windows version, it probably wouldn't have some of those. In that case, VirtualBox or VMWare Fusion may be your best bet.

bombcar said...

Note that the C: part of the list is important; it changes the DOSBox current drive to "C:\"