Onyxia Wipe

Odd groups got left, even groups got right. That means 1, 3, 5, 7 left; 2, 4, 6, 8 right. 7 & 8 are whelp groups.

Ok listen the f*ck up. You are going to DPS very, very slowly. Now, and by slowly I mean f*cking slow. If you get aggro, it means you are going to lose 50dkp because you didn't know what the f*ck to do. And watch the f*cking tail. If you get into the whelps, you lose 50dkp again, for not being where the f*ck you were supposed to be.

There is no aggro reset. There is some #@#% about an aggro reset when people don't know how to manage their aggro. After 2 Sunders you can basically start doing damage to it. Assuming you know how aggro works and you don't over-aggro.

Ok nuke it, dot it. Help the whelp groups. When it's in phase 2, nuke it as hard as possible. You want to get it down as fast as possible. Have dots up on every time, 2 rows, Shadow Word: Pain, Warlock curses, Rends, everything. I don't see enough dots, more dots now. Come on more DPS. Hit it like you mean it. You'll have time to rest in phase 3 while I'm getting the aggro. Remember, save all your aggro reducing abilities for when it lands. That means Feign Death, Vanish, f*cking Fade, anything you can use to reset aggro.

At 40% you will stop dots, until then you will throw more dots. Throw more dots, more dots, more dots, come on more dots. Ok, stop dots. Now hit it very hard and very fast. Lee run to the center, Mulgras run to the center, Forsyte run to the center, Nurf run to the center, Isis run to the center. Whatever the f*ck you do, do not stand next to other people. Mulgras, center. Just heal me. Lee do not... Go away from the head, Lee. Go away. Ok DPS, slowly. Come here you f*cking c*nt. Watch the tail!


Crushim was feared into...

Who the f*ck was that? Crushim, what the f*ck? Whelps, left side! Even side! Many whelps! Now, handle it! F*ck! That's a f*cking 50dkp minus! What the f*ck was that #@#%? If you stand in the right f*cking place, there is no way you are going to f*cking get into the goddamn whelps, whatever f*cking Fear, tailswipe, whatever the f*ck, OK? It's like one in a f*cking million. From the f*cking north corner to the middle into the f*cking whelp cave, IT'S NOT EVEN F#CKING REMOTELY IMAGINABLE!

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